The granulated preparation effectively affects the smallest particles that pollute the pool water. Using a flocculant allows you to achieve the effect of crystal clear water in the pool.



Few people like to swim in muddy, not transparent water. An effective coagulation agent AquaDoctor FL is able to influence even the tiniest polluting and organic particles, making them more dense. As a result, non-filtered particles become filterable. Cleaning a large sludge with a vacuum cleaner is much easier and more efficient. Using AquaDoctor FL will help make the water as clear and clear as possible.



AquaDoctor FL is a granular preparation that requires dilution with water. For 1 cubic meter (m³) of water, an average of 10 g of the substance is required, but the dosage may increase depending on the degree of opacity (turbidity) of the water. The required amount of the substance is added to dissolve in a clean container filled with water. After this, the resulting mixture can be poured into the pool along the perimeter. For a better distribution of the substance along the entire thickness of the pool water, it is recommended to start the filtration system. At the end of the procedure, the filtration system is turned off and the pool is allowed to stand for 24 hours. Then, the pool is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner



The basis of the drug is aluminum sulfate. The substance is not susceptible to the thermal conditions of the medium, due to which it actively influences the suspended particles in the water, forming a flocculent deposit on them. As a result, the particles not only increase their size, but also the weight. The smallest of them are thickened and remain in the water column, the large ones settle on the bottom. The produced reaction does not remove contaminants from the water, it increases the efficiency of the pool cleaning procedure. In addition, the process of flocculation (coagulation) enhances the effect of disinfectants used in the pool.



Do not pour the drug directly into the pool. The use of the drug is allowed only according to the instructions proposed by the manufacturer. Direct mixing with other chemicals is prohibited. Store it only in closed form, in a dry, fire-safe place. Do not put in the sun. Keep away from small children. Dry matter can be stored for up to 24 months. If the chemistry has got on the skin, in the eyes, you need to rinse with water the place of contact for 5-10 minutes. If swallowed, drink plenty of clean warm water and immediately seek medical help.



    Chemistry for swimming pools AquaDoctor (AquaDoctor), has been a leader for a long time in the world market of water treatment products in the pool. More than half a million pool owners prefer AquaDoctor chemistry. Choosing the products of the company AquaDoctor, you choose the quality products tested for years.
    Chemistry AquaDirector has positive feedback, both among owners of private swimming pools, and among professionals who serve hydraulic structures.

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    AquaDoctor FL

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