The granulated preparation effectively affects the smallest particles that pollute the pool water. Using a flocculant allows you to achieve the effect of crystal clear water in the pool.


The concentrated preparation AquaDoctor WC is a universal solution for long-term preservation of the pool. Its unique combination formula effectively resists the development of algae, the formation of calcareous and silty plaque, mold and other types of deposits. During wintering in the basin, pollutants and microorganisms develop especially actively, so the use of such a drug will save most of the problems in the spring. With the preparation AquaDoctor WC, you can easily prepare your pool for a new bathing season after winter.



After the pH level has been adjusted to normal and the water is treated with chlorine-containing preparations, the preparation procedure of the pool filter system for winter is carried out (according to the instructions). To do this, filters and pipes are cleaned and dried, excess water is drained from the pool (not completely), sealing and sealing of the system is performed, etc. AquaDoctor WC is applied at the rate of 60-70 ml of solution per 1 m³ of pool water. It is recommended first to pour the desired dose into a clean container of water, and only then to introduce the solution into the pool. AquaDoctor WC is added once at the beginning of the entire conservation period.



For effective work of the preparation, the pH of the water should be within the limits of the norm (7.2-7.6). Thermal conditions also play an important role. At the time of application, the temperature of the pool water should not exceed 15 ° C. The active formula of the drug has a disinfectant, oxidizing, softening and stabilizing effect, effectively preserving water. A full application of the substance is possible only after treatment of water with concentrated chlorine-containing preparations (for example, AquaDoctor C60 and C60-T).



When working with the drug, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves. Use of the drug is permitted only according to the manufacturer's instructions. Store the substance strictly in a closed container, in a dry, fire-safe place. Keep away from small children. Do not leave in the sun. Shelf life - 24 months. Directly mixed with other chemicals is prohibited. After contact with the skin or eyes, rinse with water. If the solution is swallowed, drink plenty of water and seek medical help.



Chemistry for swimming pools AquaDoctor (AquaDoctor), has been a leader for a long time in the world market of water treatment products in the pool. More than half a million pool owners prefer AquaDoctor chemistry. Choosing the products of the company AquaDoctor, you choose quality products tested for years. 

Chemistry AquaDoctor has positive feedback,  both among owners of private swimming pools, and among professionals who serve hydraulic structure

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AquaDoctor WC

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