The instantly soluble drug AquaDoctor pH- (Minus) is designed to reduce the acidity of water in the pool to the normalized level (7.2-7.6). Water with an optimal pH level, increases the effectiveness of disinfectants and coagulants, and also prevents irritation of the human mucous membranes and loss of calcareous deposits on the bottom and walls of the pool. Based on natriumhydrogensulfat (NaHSO₄ sodium hydrogen sulphate).


If the water in the pool is characterized by an excessively high level of pH, the effectiveness of most of the disinfectant and coagulating agents used will be reduced. Moreover, a high pH often causes irritation of the human mucous membrane, the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the water and the accelerated formation of plaque. To adjust the pH to its normal (7.2-7.6), AquaDoctor pH- (Minus) is most effective.



Lowering the pH by 0.1 is done in calculating the use of 10 grams of the drug per 1 cubic meter of pool water (m³). For example, if your pool has a volume of 10 m³, and the pH level should be reduced by 0.3, then you need 300 g of substance. The drug is recommended to dissolve in a clean container with water (bucket, basin). After making sure that the granules are completely dissolved, the contents of the container pour out into the pool (around the perimeter). The procedure is recommended when the filtration system is turned off. Turn it on after adding the solution to the water.



AquaDoctor pH- (Minus) is a quick-dissolving drug that immediately has an active effect on acidic and alkaline compounds in the water. The substances contained in the preparation are characterized by increased chemical purity and can lower the pH level within a short period of time. The basis is natriumhydrogensylfat. The granules of the preparation are readily soluble in the aqueous medium without residue. The level of hardness of the treated water, significantly affects the effectiveness of AquaDoctor pH- (Minus) use, what will be higher such a parameter - the greater the dosage of the drug will be



Do not pour the solution next to the injectors and the skimmer of the pool, since concentrated chemicals can speed up the wear of the components and parts of the filtration system. It is forbidden to add dry preparation directly to the pool. It is forbidden to pour in a solution if there are people in the pool. After the solution has been added to the water, the use of the pool is allowed only after 30-40 minutes. Use of the drug is permitted only according to the manufacturer's instructions. Store in a ventilated, dry place only when not in use. After contact with skin, wash with warm water for at least 10 minutes. In case of contact with the mouth, eyes, respiratory tract, rinse with water and seek immediate medical attention. Keep away from small children!



Chemistry for swimming pools AquaDoctor (AquaDoctor), has been a leader for a long time in the world market of water treatment products in the pool. More than half a million pool owners prefer AquaDoctor chemistry. Choosing the products of the company AquaDoctor, you choose the quality products tested for years.

Chemistry AquaDirector has positive feedback, both among owners of private swimming pools, and among professionals who serve hydraulic structures.

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AquaDoctor pH Minus

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