Rapidly soluble granular preparation OXIDAN pH Minus for regular treatment of pools. It is designed to lower the level of acid-base balance of water pH. The normalized value 7.2-7.6 makes the water most suitable for processing and use. Water with an overestimate pH value is less amenable to treatment, accelerates the formation of plaque, can cause irritation of the mucous in humans. The product is suitable for manual dosing. It is made on the basis of sodium bisulphite.



The agent of the day of lowering the acid-base balance of water OXIDAN pH Minus from the Italian company 3V Sigma. The novelty of the Ukrainian market for the systematic treatment of pools and spas. The agent is a granular mass that dissolves rapidly in water. It is characterized by high efficiency and is considered the product of the premium segment.

OXIDAN pH Minus allows to correct the overestimated pH values ​​(balance of acidity and alkalinity) and to bring them to the norm 7.2-.7.4. Balanced water is very important for comfortable bathing. A disturbed balance can lead to an unpleasant smell of water, irritation of the eyes and skin in humans. Also, a too high pH reduces the effectiveness of most disinfectants for swimming pools. It is based on sodium hydrogen sulfite. Has an increased chemical frequency, slows down corrosion processes.



In the event that, after measuring the pH of the water, the value is higher than 7.4-7.6 units, it is necessary to use the pH Minus preparation. In a basin with water (or a bucket), water is drawn from the pool. To lower the pH by 0.1 value, 10 grams of OXIDAN pH Minus are required per 1 m³ of pool water. The required amount is diluted in a container and, after complete dissolution, poured into the perimeter of the basin bowl. It should be noted that too hard water will require higher doses.

It is recommended to regularly check the pH of the pool. Especially after adding new water and precipitation (outdoor pool). In cases of problem water and frequent contamination, it is recommended to check the pH every 2 days.



The product is harmless when observing the rules of operation and storage. Use only as directed and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not swallow. Do not take it with your bare hands, especially wet. Causes irritation if swallowed. It is not allowed to mix the drug with another chemistry. Do not heat. Do not pour into the pool. Do not add when people are in the pool. After the addition, a technical break of the pond is required 30-60 minutes.

Store the product only closed in an upright position in a ventilated place, protected from sunlight, fire and humidity. Keep away from animals and small children. Shelf life in the right conditions 24 months.



3V Chemical belongs to the group of companies 3V Group on a par with the concerns of 3V Green and 3V Tech. The 3V group of companies is a world leader in the areas of advanced chemical engineering, process synthesis systems, environmental procedures and waste management solutions. The company's production facilities are located in the United States (Georgetown, SC) and in northern Italy (Mozzo, Grassobbio, Porto Marghera). The company's goal is to improve the chemical industry by producing high quality products, introducing innovations and unique solutions.

Based on the experience of innovations in the sphere of introduction of environmental solutions and waste management, the company presented the chemistry for the OXIDAN pools of the premium segment in the world market. The products are highly efficient and aimed at meeting the needs of the global consumer. OXIDAN products are a product of the cooperation of chemists, process engineers, mechanical engineers and high-end managers. Modern and fully equipped production of 3V includes scientific testing centers, analytical laboratories and quality control institutes.

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PH-lowering agent OXIDAN pH Minus

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