AquaDoctor Water Shock O2 is a quick-dissolving, chlorine-free preparation based on 10% active oxygen. Very effective for treating water in the pool, destroying bacteria, viruses, microbes. It is well suited for home pools, it does not cause irritation, it is safe for children, it does not have an obvious chemical smell.


The newest universal tool for gentle disinfection of water AquaDoctor WaterShock O2 is a good alternative to chlorine-containing drugs. Such a drug effectively fights bacteria and viruses and can withstand the spread of organic elements that pollute the pool. The drug is designed for primary and regular chemical treatment of the pool. WaterShock O2 is ideal for home use, it does not cause irritation to the mucous and does not have an unpleasant odor.



The drug is delivered in buckets of 5 kg in granular form. Shock (primary) water treatment is recommended to be performed once in 60 days. To do this, apply 30 grams of funds per 1 cubic meter (m³) of water. The correct amount of the substance is diluted in the tank, where it is mixed in water until dissolved. After this, the resulting solution is poured into the pool contour (above the walls) and the filtration system is started. For regular processing of the pool, once every 7 days, add 15 gr of substance per 1 cubic meter of water (m³) in a similar way. In certain cases, it is possible to increase the dosage by 2 times for regular and for shock (primary) treatment of the pool.



WaterShock O2 contains a 10% content of active oxygen molecules, which has a zero reaction to organic nitrogen. The compounds contained in the preparation have a strong oxidizing effect on the contaminants and organic elements found in the water. WaterShock O2 depends little on the pH level. It should be taken into account that maintaining the pH level of the water within the limits of the norm is a pledge not only for comfortable bathing, but also for preventing the possible negative effects of chemistry on the materials and parts of the pool.



It is forbidden to pour dry granules into the pool, and also pour already divorced if there are people in the pool. After adding the solution to the pool, a 3-hour technical break is mandatory. The recommended content of active oxygen is considered to be not less than 8 milligrams per liter. The use of the drug is permitted only by the manufacturer's instructions. Keep in a dry, fire-safe place. Keep away from small children and animals! The dry substance can be stored for up to 24 months. If the substance has got into the eyes or on the skin, immediately rinse the contact area with warm water. If swallowed and enters the respiratory system (mouth, nose), it is urgent to seek medical help



Chemistry for swimming pools AquaDoctor (AquaDoctor), has been a leader for a long time in the world market of water treatment products in the pool. More than half a million pool owners prefer AquaDoctor chemistry. Choosing the products of the company AquaDoctor, you choose the quality products tested for years 

Chemistry AquaDirector has positive feedback, both among owners of private swimming pools, and among professionals who serve hydraulic structures.

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Disinfectant based on active oxygen AquaDoctor Water Shock O2

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