A shock, quick-dissolving preparation containing 60% of active chlorine. Supplied in the form of granules or tablets of 20 grams to choose from. It is intended for primary (shock) water treatment in the pool. Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold.



The most effective and affordable way to disinfect water is still chlorine treatment. For the primary treatment of water or in the case of severe contamination of the basin, it is customary to use so-called shock (shock) drugs. Certified instant solution AquaDoctor C-60 / C-60T is designed for shock (primary) and regular disinfection of the pool. The drug has a destructive effect on the fungus, destroying bacteria, viruses and microbes. AquaDoctor C-60 / C-60T is able to carry out complete sterilization of even very stagnant and dirty water. When the dosage standards and operating rules are met, the drug is completely safe for others and does not affect the pool materials and its filtration system.



Before using the AquaDoctor C-60 / C-60T, it is strongly recommended that you perform a measurement and, if necessary, adjust the pH of the water to your recommended 7.2-7.4. For ease of use, the AquaDoctor C60 / C60-T comes in granular and tablet form (each tablet = 20 grams of the substance). The recommended dosage for the shock (primary) treatment of the pool is the use of 20 grams of substance per 1 cubic meter (m³) of water. The required amount of AquaDoctor C60 / C60-T should be mixed in a bucket of water, after which the solution is added to the pool around the perimeter. Then it is required to switch on the filtration system for a period of 6 to 8 hours. When preventive treatment of water is sufficient to apply 3 grams of C60 per 1 m³ daily or 1-2 tablets. C60-T for 10 m³ every 2-3 days. The procedure is carried out according to a principle similar to the primary treatment, after which it is necessary to start the filtration for 60-120 minutes.


The active chlorine content in the preparation is 60%, so it effectively oxidizes any organic particles and contaminants. The substance has stabilizing compounds and has a positive effect on the state of free chlorine in the pool water. A special molecular structure promotes complete dissolution of the preparation in an aqueous medium. AquaDoctor C60 / C60-T does not contain insoluble deposits, such as lime, so it does not clog the pool cleaning system and is effective even in conditions of high water hardness index. The drug has no effect on pH (pH-neutral) and is designed for all types of pool coverage, including vinyl and PVC.



In case of shock (shock) treatment of the pool, it is worthwhile to refrain from using it for 10-12 hours. On the correct use of the drug indicates the presence of free chlorine in water equal to 0.3-0.6 mg / l. It is forbidden to throw a dry or not dissolved drug in the pool, there is a risk of discoloration and damage to the soft lining materials of the pool. The drug must be diluted in the already filled container, rather than pour water on the substance itself. Store recommended in a dry, fireproof and ventilated place. Shelf life - up to 24 months. Applicable strictly according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. In case of contact with eyes, mouth, nose, ears and skin, wash with warm water and immediately seek medical help. Keep away from children!



Chemistry for swimming pools AquaDoctor (AquaDoctor), has been a leader for a long time in the world market of water treatment products in the pool. More than half a million pool owners prefer AquaDoctor chemistry. Choosing the products of the company AquaDoctor, you choose the quality products tested for years.

Chemistry AquaDirector has positive feedback, both among owners of privateswimming pools, and among professionals who serve hydraulic structures.

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AquaDoctor C60(С60Т)

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