The tester is designed to determine the chlorine level Cl and the pH level in the pool. One reagent tablet is consumed to determine one parameter.

Before using the chemistry for the pool it is necessary to determine and then to set the necessary pH 7.2-7.6. This is one of the basic rules of a clean pool. To determine the pH, a pool tester is required. If you have a pH level greater than 7.6 - you need to use a pH-lowering agent - Aquadoctor pH-, if the pH is less than 7.2 - you need to use the drug to raise the pH - Aquadoctor pH +

The pH level may change with time due to chemical reactions in the water, due to acid or alkaline precipitation in the pool water, and the like. Chemistry for the chlorine-based basin is especially sensitive to fluctuations.

Chemistry based on active oxygen and bromine is less sensitive to pH than chlorine-based chemistry. But even if you use the chemistry for a pool based on active oxygen or bromine, you should monitor the pH level. By itself, water with high or low pH is an irritant to the mucous membranes, leads to the precipitation of calcareous sediments and deposits, corrosion of the metal parts of the pool.

If you have irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, if the chemistry does not cope with the disinfection of water - check the pH!

Features of the tablet tester

The tablet pool tester is slightly different in price from the dropper, but is considered more accurate than the dropper. The principle of using a tablet tester is exactly the same as that of a dropper. It is necessary to collect water in both containers of the tester and dissolve one tablet of the appropriate reagent. The current water values ​​are determined by the color of the water.

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AquaDoctor Cl and pH tester (50 tab.)

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