Reagent drop tester for measuring the pH, chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), total alkalinity (total alkalinity), total hardness (total hardness) and water stabilizer (ceanuric Acid). Easy and intuitive to use

Kokido K335CB - Universal kit for the determination of water quality

Tester drip type Kokido K335CB 6 in 1 is designed to perform a set of measurements in everyday conditions. With this kit you can easily check the concentration of bromine (Br) and chlorine (Cl) in the pool to determine the pH of the level, to know the overall rigidity (Hardness) and alkalinity (Alkalinity). The tester is also designed to determine the cyanuric acid in pool (Stabilizer). In the event of these indicators by their standards the water in the pool becomes of little use for the treatment and bathing. For example, variations in pH indicator become a cause of inefficiency himsredstv and cause irritation of the person. Low chloro and bromo causes excessive pollution and the pool of microorganisms in the water. A high rate can also cause harm to humans and materials basin. Too hard water adversely affects the basin materials and filtration system. Total alkalinity affects the degree of pH control, abnormal values ​​seriously impede the regulation of this parameter.Stabilizer level (cyanuric acid) determines the effectiveness of chlorine and its resistance to the environment. Too small or too high stabilizer indicators negatively affect the overall state of the water in the pool. Systematic identification of these values ​​will help to better control of pool care and optimizes the use of this pocket.

Measuring parameters of pH, Cl / Br

Determination of pH and Cl / Br performed using two-dimensional color display with beakers values. Measuring range Cl / Br of 0.5-5 / 1-10 ppm. measuring the pH level limits are within 7.0-7.8. To determine the parameters of the reagents Phenol Red and OTO. Each beaker is typed with water 30-45 cm from the surface of the pool, then add 6 drops of reagent (in the Cl / Br section of yellow bubble of OTO, in pH section of red Rhenol Red). After shaking beakers painted in water color corresponding to a particular parameter pH and Cl / Br. Normal values ​​are considered for pH 7.2-7.6 and 2.0-3.0 / 2.0-4.0 for Cl / Br, respectively.

Determination of hardness, alkalinity and stabilizer

The test for total hardness, alkalinity and cyanuric acid was performed by means of measuring capsule consisting of two cylinders. The main cylinder (sample tube) has two scales with the application parameters. First jackals used to add fluid (water and reagents) and contains a value from 5 to 25 ml. The second scale is an indicator of results of measurements and has a tag of 10 to 100 ppm. To measure the total hardness (Hardness) in the master cylinder is dialed water to a value of 14.6 ml. Then alternately introduced reagents from Hardness Solution A and B blue bubbles, while the color of the water changes from red to blue. The resulting solution will indicate the level of rigidity index. The normal value is considered hardness 200-400 ppm To determine the total alkalinity (Alkalinity), a master cylinder filled with water to about 25 ml, alternatively from added reagents green ALK bubbles 10, 20 and 30 until the red color of the solution. norm limit is 80-120 ppm. The presence of cyanuric acid (Stabilizer) is determined by dilution of a pool of water added to the flask up to 10 ml, a reagent vial white CAR to 20.5 ml. Flask with an internal-point indicator must be lowered to the resulting solution to a level not disappear until the point (when viewed from above). This level is an indicator of cyanuric acid. The norm is considered to 30-50 ppm.

Precautions and retention rules

The kit contains the chemicals. The set includes 9 vials of reagents from 15 to 30 ml. The use of substances is permitted only on the attached manufacturer's instructions. Use only as directed. Mixing with other chemicals it is strictly prohibited. Protect from contact with skin, mouth, eyes, nose and ears. If substance has got into the eyes or skin, immediately wash the contact with warm water.If swallowed, drink 0.5 liters of water and seek medical help. Keep away from small children and animals. Reagent Storage is allowed only in a closed form. Store the kit should be in a dry, ventilated, dark place. Inappropriate use and violation of safety precautions may be harmful to health.

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Tester Kokido K335CB drop 6 1

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