•  Kokido K967BU drops for K335 tester (set of 9 reagents)

The kit contains 9 bubbles of 15-30 ml with reagents. Used together with the Kokido K335CB 6-in-1 drip tester for pH, chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), total alkalinity, hardness and ceanuric Acid.

Spare drops of Kokido K967BU

A set of spare drops Kokido K967BU includes 9 bubbles with reagents of 15-30 ml. It is used together with the Kokido K335CB 6 drip-type tester in 1. The reagents are needed to measure the hydrogen balance of pH, chlorine and bromine concentration of Cl / Br, total hardness, total alkalinity and the presence of cyanuric acid (stabilizer) in the pool water. The bubbles are tightly sealed and have additional protective caps against accidental pouring.

Precautionary measures

Attention! Chemical reagents! Protect from contact with skin and eyes. Do not swallow! Use only as directed and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Keep vials closed! Do not leave in the sun, protect from fire. Do not allow children to play. If the solution is swallowed, drink 0.5 liters of water and immediately seek medical help. If the reagent is on the skin or in the eyes, rinse the contact area with warm water for 5-10 minutes. Violation of the operating conditions can cause harm to health.

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Kokido K967BU drops for K335 tester (set of 9 reagents)

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