A digital device for determining the salt concentration in the pool water. It conducts accurate measurements, is simple and easy to use. 

Tester Kokido K975CS - a device for determining the concentration of salt in the pool

Quickly and accurately check the concentration of salt in your pool will help the digital tester Kokido K975CS. The device records the readings from 0.00 to 19.99 ppt (parts per trillion). For effective and correct operation of the device, it is recommended to use it at a positive temperature (up to +50 C) of the environment. Tester Kokido K975CS is easy to use, the body, made in the form of a pencil, allows you to make measurements easily and quickly. The LCD display of the device shows the salt concentration with an accuracy of +/- 2% within the entire measurement range. The device works autonomously, power is supplied from 4 batteries of type AG13. The device will be a useful acquisition for all pool owners.

Benefit from using the Kokido K975CS tester

The water in the pool contains a large amount of dissolved substances, the main impurities include inorganic salts (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorides) and organic elements (amines, humins). The total concentration of chemicals in the water affects its stiffness, color, odor, taste and other qualities. In too hard water, a precipitate is formed faster, it dries out the skin and is less amenable to chemical treatment..Too soft water has a lower acid-base buffer, which increases its negative impact on surrounding materials (lining, pipes). Such water also interacts worse with some types of chemistry for swimming pools. Using the Kokido K975CS tester, you will always know the salt level in the water, which will greatly improve the procedures for the care of the pool.

Calibration of the Kokido K975CS tester

The device is calibrated by the manufacturer. Calibration is necessary in cases where 3 months have passed since the last calibration (during this time the device was used). The instrument has not been used for a long time since the last calibration. The accuracy of the testimony raises doubts. The batteries have been replaced. For calibration:

  • Gently rinse the sensor with clean water and wrap with filter paper (not included) to dry.
  • Remove the top cover to access the trimmer.
  • Immerse the sensor in the supplied calibration solution and gently stir.
  • Hold the time until the readings stabilize. Using a small screwdriver, turn the trimmer until the display shows the ppt value equal to the ppt value of the calibration solution, taking into account the temperature indicated on the bottle.
  • Remove the instrument from the calibration solution and gently rinse the sensor with clean water.
  • Wrap the filter paper (not included) to dry.
  • Replace the cover.

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Tester Kokido K975CS digital salt meter

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